The latest on Tastychef2015

For many reasons I wanted to make this happen and get this blog up and going but primarily was

to see what happens through the eyes of a chef in the modern world. 

People envisage or imagine that the life of an executive chef is easy and doesn’t have to worry too much as he has a large team under him to do the work but that isn’t the reality of it.

Over the last 20 odd years I have been learning my trade and building a platform along the way to get where I am today. 

At times I wondered what I got myself into but now I look back and smile to myself and very happy that I stuck with this profession and everything that goes with it.

The food industry is quite different from many as its unsociable and it never stops as there is always the next meal. This is why we have a large turnover and people just get out of it as they want to have a normal life and not worrying if the night shift people don’t turn up for work.  

With this blog I intend to describe the highs and low and give you an insight to my life of food and travel going back to where it all started and sharing my experiences along the way. There has been some great laughs along the way and a few tears also but this is like most professions and a way of life.

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