Sea bass, celeriac mousseline, wilted sorrel and smoked sauce

(Serves four)
• 1kg dog cockles
• 30g butter
• 200g celeriac 
• 100g butter 
• 500ml whole milk
• 80g wild sorrel 
• Small wild sorrel leaves 
• 4 x 80g slices of sea bass fillet 
• Olive oil 
• Fleur de sel

For the smoker, place some sawdust in a dish and heat in the oven. When the sawdust is very hot, light it with a match so that it burns out. Cover the dish with aluminium foil, piercing it to let the smoke through. Place the dog cockles in the same oven.
For the smoke sauce, open the dog cockles in water, saving the cooking juice (1 litre of juice for 3kg cockles). Add the butter to the juice and let it melt. Place in the smoker for one hour. Taste and smoke a little longer if necessary.
Next, sweat the celeriac with 100g butter, add the milk and cook for 20 minutes. Blend to obtain a very smooth mousseline.
Wilt the 80g sorrel in olive oil over a high heat for a few moments just before serving the dish.
Cook the sea bass slices in a frying pan with a little olive oil.
Place a quenelle of celeriac mousseline in the bottom of a shallow bowl, add the sorrel, pour over the smoked emulsified sauce and top with the sea bass. Finish with fleur de sel and a few wild sorrel leaves.

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