My Culinary Journey...

Welcome to my Professional Portal.

My resume, photos from work/travel and my recipes are here for other aspiring or seasoned chefs to see.

Food plays so many roles in our lives, from the most basic level as a fuel right through to the luxury part of eating in the best restaurants worldwide.

The Man, the Myth, the Chef

The energy and dynamic environment in the kitchen is addictive and makes me feel alive. While still at school and keeping myself entertained and engaged, my summers consisted of working in a small local restaurant on the Atlantic Coast where I grew up. I remember looking at raw produce and seeing what the Chef/Patron created and this really captivated me. I remember being asked to receive the fresh seafood delivery just caught by our local fishermen and also receiving the products from the farmers for the restaurant. This freshness and the quality of these products were part of the success of what the chef patron created. Fresh, simple tasty food was the recipe of the day and one of the main reasons why I got into this business.


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